KACFC Mentoring Program

KACFC Mentoring Program


This program is designed to mentor and guide young adults and transform the lives of individual to become true leaders of the community. The mentors will share their work experience, knowledge, and wisdom they have accrued during their career. Both the mentor and mentee will benefit from working together.

Program Summary

  1. The mentors will commit to a one year program. The mentors will communicate with the mentees via email, text, or by phone at least once a month.
  2. The mentors will have an outline of a draft plan at the initial meeting. Mentors and Mentees will go over the expectations of individual mentoring program. The mentors will share their professional work experience and guide the mentees, and will document each encounter or communication.
  3. The Mentees will develop individual goals for the mentoring session.
  4. The final evaluation of mentees and mentors will be completed at the end of one year.

Guideline to Mentor Selection

  1. Currently working in the professional field, or has past experience in the professional field.
  2. Background check required.
  3. Mentorship experience (preferred, but not required).
  4. References or Recommendation.
  5. Pass the interview process.