2016 KACFC Leadership Program

For this leadership program, seven applicants were selected by KACFC board members to participate in a series of three workshops designed to promote emotional intelligence, build self-management and social awareness skills, and teach how to better manage relationships, resolve conflicts, and become a better leader. During the program, each participant successfully completed a community service project and presented their projects to a panel of judges, sponsors, the board, friends, mentors, and family members at the program’s graduation ceremony for the chance to win a scholarship. The four applicants who completed the service projects were also selected for the future KACFC mentoring program. All the projects and presentations were excellent, and congratulations to Christy Yoo for winning the first place award!  NOV 19 2016


2016 Voting Education Event

In collaboration with the Secretary of State’s office and Disability Law Colorado, KACFC translated voter registration forms, guidelines, and the voting rights of people with disabilities into Korean to help people of all abilities and people with language barriers become engaged with the voting process and exercise their right to vote. On October 15th and 16th, 2016, board members and volunteers set up a booth in H-Mart to register shoppers and all those interested to vote and also worked to promote the merits of voting. The goal of this event was to increase Korean-American voter turnout in Colorado and give minority communities a voice in the 2016 election.


Second KACFC Education Event: Korean-American Voting Awareness

At this informative event on December 5, 2015, KACFC members invited speakers from the Arapahoe and Douglas County League of Women Voters and the Colorado Democratic and Republican Parties as well as the Secretary of State of Colorado Wayne Williams. These esteemed speakers spoke on topics such as the importance of voting and taught our attendees about the voting process and the U.S. electoral system. This event also informed college students of internship opportunities in politics at the local level. Our goal was to inspire and encourage Korean Americans to become a greater part of U.S. political processes. 


2015 Korea Clean Energy and Leadership Forum

This enlightening event on October 24, 2015 was filled with nationally-recognized speakers from the Colorado Governor’s Office and the National Renewal Energy Laboratory as well as other government agencies. Scientists, professors, and officials like Congressman Mike Coffman, Mayor Steve Hogan, and Consul General of Korea Dongman Han came to our event to teach students and young professionals about clean and alternative energy, the relationship between the government, industries, and academia, and even specifics such as the future of batteries. Among the attendees were 50 talented high school and college students. Part of our program was devoted to teaching them skills for job interviews and helping them consider energy as a career path. There were plenty of networking opportunities and chances for our attendees to speak with professionals in their interested fields. 



This event, held on September 5, 2015, was hosted by KACFC in order to establish a strong community connected by Korean traditional culture and pop culture following the “K-Wave,” or expansion of said culture around the world. This event was designed to take those who were connected to Korea by birth, marriage, work, military, or interest and educate them on nuances of the ever-changing Korean culture and encourage them to stay updated in the future. Some of our attendees included Mayor Steve Hogan and Congressman Mike Coffman. SEP 05 2015


KACFC 2nd Annual Emerging Leadership Conference

On December 14, 2014, KACFC hosted the second annual Emerging Leadership Conference in Aurora. Community speakers such as Consul General Dongman Han, Mayor Steven Hogan, Dr. Anthony Montoya of Western Area Power Administration, Dr. Ricky Choi, and Mr. Ray Cho were invited to talk about leadership and initiative in career paths to young leaders in our community. Throughout the evening, guests were encouraged to network with each other and with community leaders in their field of interest. There was also an enlightening Q&A session with the speakers, where all attendees were invited to further their knowledge on a particular topic. It was a successful and meaningful learning experience for all.  DEC 14 2014


Experience of Korean Culture

“Korea Goes Global: The Unexpected Rise of an Economic and Cultural Powerhouse” will be presented by Professor Tony Robinson at UC Denver. He will talk about the meteoric rise of Korea to world cultural and economic prominence, including some reflection on how Seoul has become a leading world-city, a city that represents and is producing the leading economic and cultural forms of our era. Also his presentation will include Korean culture more broadly and the place of Korean culture in current global dynamics such things as K-Pop, Hallyu, Korea’s high-tech fascination, and Korea’s growing economic power.
“The Origin of Korean Language, Hangul” will be introduced by KACFC steering committee. How was Hangul invented?, How does the written Korean, Hangul work?, and Greatness of Hangul will be presented with K-drama and Korean history.  SEP 27 2014


Embracing the Next Generation of Korean Americans

Leadership Seminar 2013 was hosted by KACFC at Conference Center at Inverness Hotel in Englewood, Colorado. According to the 2010 Census, there were approximately 1.7 million people of Korean descent residing in the United States, making it the country with the second largest Korean population living outside Korea. The 1st generation Koreans came to US for better opportunities for their children. It’s time for the 1.5 and 2nd generation Korean Americans need to be in the mainstream of U.S. The main theme of this event was “Embracing the Next Generation of Korean Americans”. DEC 21 2013


Korean Government Clean Energy Forum

Korean Government Clean Energy Forum was held at Crystal Peak at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Denver, Colorado. The purpose of the Forum was to introduce the Korean Government Clean Energy Policy, Future Direction, and Technology research; and to collaborate and exchange Clean Energy Technology among industry investors and scientist community in Colorado. The focus areas of Clean Energy are Solar, Wind, Biofuel and Tidal Power. The Consul General’s Office in SF invited Clean Energy Scientists and Korean Government Officials from Korea.   DEC 5 2013


2013Colorado Korea Day 

Colorado Korea Day was held on August 3rd, at the Infinity Park Event Center, in Glendale. About 1,000 people came to Korean Day. It was a great opportunity to show Korean culture.. The event held a Korean food trade show, Korean pop music (K-pop) contest/concert, and traditional performances. The main goal is to make Korean food and Korean culture more known to the world, and bring cultures together. K-pop has a great beat and is an excellent way to learn Korean. The highlight of the event was the U.S. and Korean K-pop contest/concert, where contestants sang or danced to win a chance to make an album in South Korea. The battle was fierce, but in the end Chloe Jeon, was the winner of the Grand Prize award.
She is a 17 year old girl from Colorado Springs. She was extremely surprised and happy to win such a big award. The KACFC hopes that twice as many people will come next year, to Colorado Korean Day.
Colorado Korea Day 2013 Program (AUG 2-3 2013)


Colorado K-pop Contest in Denver

THE 1ST COLORADO K-POP CONTEST: The competition was hosted by the Aurora-based Korean American Community Foundation Colorado (KACFC). The main goal of this event was exposure of Korean Culture to Korean and American young generation and bridge two cultures. Collette Hong, of Aurora, won the inaugural Colorado K-pop Contest on Dec. 1 in the auditorium at The Denver Post building. The 12-year-old student at Fox Ridge Middle School receives a free trip to South Korea. Hwa Jeong Lee, of Denver, finished second and David Yi, of New York, finished third. The competition was hosted by the Aurora-based Korean American Community Foundation Colorado.

NOV 29 2012

Celebration for Creation of Korean American Community Colorado

The Korean American Community Foundation Colorado (KACFC) will host a dinner on November 29, 2012 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. The theme of the event will be celebrating creation of the Colorado Chapter of KACF and commitment to Korean American community working to strengthen our society. 
On behalf of the KACFC Committee, we would like to cordially invite you to join us for this event. 
This dinner event aims to bring awareness of KACFC, to expand membership, and to bring our community closer together. We are inviting Chapter members and distinguished guests from the Korean and American Communities. Mr. Jeong-Gwan Lee, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in San Francisco, has accepted our invitation as Guest of Honor to grace the occasion.
KACFC is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to transform and empower communities through philanthropy, volunteerism and inter-community bridge building. KACFC will promote arts, humanities, sciences, cultures, sports, and will increase public awareness of the organization and access to educational offerings.