Major Activites

KACFC Leadership Program

The Leadership Program will bridge KACFC’s three major areas of focus: Fostering volunteerism to serve community, enabling young leadership, and young business entrepreneurship through partnering with business and community for next generation advancement.


The KACFC Leadership Program is an annual program that builds leadership skills of young generations by clarifying cultural values, exploring interests, and practicing the application of skills through workshops, mentorship, and service projects. This approach is designed to utilize an introspective approach, so that students can examine and build upon capabilities that all young individuals possess.


The program is designed to assist young generations in the community to develop their leadership skills by helping them recognize their capabilities, become motivated, increase their self-awareness and produce positive changes within themselves to help others reach their full potentials as well.

Target Audience

KACFC Leadership Program targets college students and young adults in our community.