KACFC Education Event: Education of electoral system and Introduction of internship opportunities in political organization

The 2015 Korea Clean Energy & Leadership Forum


Connect 2 Korea




KACFC 2nd Annual Emerging Leadership Conference

On December 14, 2014, KACFC hosted the second annual Emerging Leadership Conference in Aurora. Community speakers such as Consul General Dongman Han, Mayor Steven Hogan, Dr. Anthony Montoya of Western Area Power Administration, Dr. Ricky Choi, and Mr. Ray Cho were invited to talk about leadership and initiative in career paths to young leaders in our community. Throughout the evening, guests were encouraged to network with each other and with community leaders in their field of interest. There was also an enlightening Q&A session with the speakers, where all attendees were invited to further their knowledge on a particular topic. It was a successful and meaningful learning experience for all.

Experience of Korean Culture

2014 Education Event of Experience of Korean Culture on Sep. 27

“Korea Goes Global: The Unexpected Rise of an Economic and Cultural Powerhouse” will be presented by Professor Tony Robinson at UC Denver. He will talk about the meteoric rise of Korea to world cultural and economic prominence, including some reflection on how Seoul has become a leading world-city, a city that represents and is producing the leading economic and cultural forms of our era. Also his presentation will include Korean culture more broadly and the place of Korean culture in current global dynamics such things as K-Pop, Hallyu, Korea’s high-tech fascination, and Korea’s growing economic power.

“The Origin of Korean Language, Hangul” will be introduced by KACFC steering committee. How was Hangul invented?, How does the written Korean, Hangul work?, and Greatness of Hangul will be presented with K-drama and Korean history.


Colorado Korea Day

KACFC held a Colorado Korea Day in August 2013, at the Infinity Park Event Center, in Glendale Colorado. About 1,000 people attended the Korean Day event. It was a great opportunity to share Korean culture. This event included a Korean food trade show, Korean pop music (K-pop) contest/concert, and traditional performances. The main goal was to make Korean food and Korean culture more well known to the world, and bring the cultures together.

Emerging Leadership Event – Embracing the Next Generation of Korean Americans”

KACFC hosted the 1st Emerging Leadership Event that builds leadership skills of young Korean Americans. The KACFC Committee invited the Community Leaders as speakers for the event and it was held in December 2013 in Denver Colorado. This event further expanded our mission of focusing on building leadership among Young Korean American Generations.


Opening Ceremony- Establishment of Korean American Community Foundation Colorado

The Korean American Community Foundation of Colorado (KACFC) celebrated creation of the KACFC and commitment to community service in Korean American community. The KACFC Committee hosted the event in November 2012 in Denver CO and invited Young Korean Americans, War Veterans, and Korean American Leaders. This event was an introduction of the KACFC to the Korean American Community and the beginning of building a relationship in the community. This event was supported by a grant provided by the Korea’s Department of Culture and Education.

1st Colorado K-pop Contest

The 1st Colorado K-pop competition was hosted by KACFC. The K-pop is a musical genre originating in S. Korea as a modern form of pop music covering mostly dance-pop, rock, hip-pop etc. This event was an exposure of the Korean Culture to Korean and American young generation