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KACFC Mentoring Program

PurposeThis program is designed to mentor and guide young adults and transform the lives of individual to become true leaders of the community. The mentors will share their work experience, knowledge, and wisdom they have accrued during their career. Both the mentor and mentee will benefit from working together.

KACFC Young Entrepreneur Program

The purpose of the Forum is to introduce the Korean Government Clean Energy Policy, Future Direction, and Technology research; and to collaborate and exchange Clean Energy Technology among Industry investors and scientist community in Colorado. The focus areas of Clean Energy are Solar, Wind, Biofuel and Tidal Power. The Consul General’s Office will invite Clean Energy Scientists and Korean Government Officials from Korea.

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KACFC Leadership Program

The Leadership Program will bridge KACFC’s three major areas of focus: Fostering volunteerism to serve community, enabling young leadership, and young business entrepreneurship through partnering with business and community for next generation advancement.